Trunk-Or-Treat Invitation Printable

Does your ward have an annual Trunk-Or-Treat Halloween activity? Last year I was asked to create a Trunk-Or-Treat Invitation for our ward. I loved how it turned out, but I ended up not sharing it on here because I finished it a week before Halloween. I decided that I would just share it this year. Well, I ended up forgetting about it until I saw someone ask about Trunk-Or-Treat Invitations. So today I am sharing my Trunk-Or-Treat Invitation with you! These… Read more »

Does your Ward have monthly activities? Maybe every other month or once a quarter. I think activities are so fun, but they also serve a purpose. Ward activities can bring the Ward members closer together, it shows support for those putting on the activity, and it’s also a great time to spend time with your family and participate in wholesome family activities. Our Ward Council has decided that this year we would try to have more Ward activities, and for… Read more »

The Spirit of Christmas: A Ward Christmas Program Today I am sharing a wonderful Christmas Program that you could use for your very own Ward Christmas Party this year. I had this idea on my old blog, but for some reason it didn’t transfer over when I moved to my new site. My ‘Spirit of Christmas: a Ward Christmas Party’ idea has been one of my most popular posts. I know we’re not even into September yet, but I’ve already had people emailing me… Read more »