Church News Update
I meant to post this a few days ago, but of course life happens and I totally forgot. 🙂 Here it is anyway.

I received an email with a few updates from the Church. Here is one that goes along with Conference. 
new website dedicated to Youth and Family History is now available. Elder David A. Bednar mentioned this site during his General Conference address
He said, “I invite the young people of the Church to learn about and experience the Spirit of Elijah.” An introductory video is also available through this new website. 
Currently this site is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

October 2011 General Conference is now available for downloads.
Here is a summary of what you can access now:
MP3s– full sessions and individual talks for streaming and download (70 languages)
Video-full session and individual talks for streaming and download (several languages)
Transcripts– Text in English is now available. Text in other languages should start appearing within the next 7 days.
The Conference Sessions can be found Here.

My Husband downloads all sessions to his phone and listens to it in the car. He loves it! I have only been able to download the Saturday sessions, but I will soon have all sessions on my phone. 🙂

Our Bishop also gave us a little challenge. He encouraged us to have
‘Breakfast with the Prophet’
What that means is while you’re eating breakfast read,watch, or listen to the conference talks.
I know it will help improve your day when you begin it by being filled with the Spirit.

New Mormon Message:
Have you seen the new Mormon Message, ‘Opportunities to do Good’ ? If not here it is.

 This story brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. What a great story on service and love.

Program Question
I received an email from a wonderful sister, Marcie Lamb. She was looking for  ideas for after her Primary Program. I decided I would ask all of you and see what you do in your Primary.
Her Primary Chorister wanted a ‘much needed’ break from Primary, so she will have the whole time to do something fun, but still Spiritual.
Do you play fun games, invite special visitors, make a ‘Thank you’ for the Primary Chorister? 
Any ideas???
Please share. 🙂

O.K. That’s it for now. 

4 thoughts on “Church News Update & a question

  1. ~Krista~

    I am the Primary Chorister in our ward and our program is this coming Sunday. I have something fun planned and I can’t wait to see how it goes! I arranged with the Bishop to put index cards in all of the programs, we are going to ask the congreation to write short notes to the Primary kids about the program. All year I have been reminding the kids that we can bear our testimonies through music and I am excited for the kids to hear how their singing affects people. We are going to have a collection box right out side the chapel for them to drop their cards in and then we are going to read them during Primary. I can’t take credit for this wonderful idea, I saw it posted on the Yahoo group that I belong to!


  2. Cindy

    We had permission to show a church approved movie and had popcorn. We still did the opening prayer, scripture and talk. We then watched Johnny Lingo and passed out individual bags of popcorn to everyone. The kids thought that it was great and we talked a little bit after about the message of the movie. Of course afterward we vacuumed the primary room.


  3. AmeeG

    We have a small primary so we let the kids earn ice cream sundaes and we serve them during singing/sharing time the Sunday of the program in the cultural hall. The kids love it. They earn each part of the sundae by passing off songs for the primary program.


  4. Anonymous

    we have done a bunch of fun things in the past….at one practice (in the primary room) we recorded the program of the kids and watched that after the program with popcorn! the kids loved to see themselves! last year we made a giant life size game board with carpet mats (and some posterboard)and a huge dice and we put all the chairs up and the we had one kid from each class take a turn and roll the dice and ws had all sorts of questions from who is the prophet to reciting an article of faith. if they got it right their class got to move the number on the dice. then another kid from the class would swap (so the classes were all against each other) hope that makes sense..but it was super fun!


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