Young Women Theme Printables

Last weekend, during General Conference, we learned of some wonderful changes to the Young Men and Young Women organizations. One of those changes included a new Young Women Theme. I know there have been so many beautiful Young Women Theme Printables shared across the web, but I decided to join the crowd and create my own version.

New Young Women Theme Printables

For my Young Women Theme Printables, I wanted something elegant, but also simple and easy to read. Since this is a new theme I hope that you will print these out and give them to your Young Women to help them memorize the new theme.

I have included a few different sizes for you to download and use. There is a poster size (11″X17″), a US Letter size (8.5″X11), and two smaller sizes (5″X7″ and 4″X6″).

New Young Women Theme Printables

When I heard of the changes to Personal Progress I was worried. I enjoyed Personal Progress as a youth. It helped me create meaningful habits and strengthen my testimony. I wondered if they would really get rid of the Young Women values. I couldn’t imagine Young Women without them!

But as Sister Bonnie Cordon read the new theme, I knew that this change was needed and was inspired. I love how they have taken the best parts from the previous theme and woven them into the new theme. I love how much more personal the theme is, by using “I” instead of “we”.

There is so much that I love about this new theme. I had the idea of teaching a lesson on the theme and having the Young Women go through it piece by piece and explain and discuss what it means to each one of them. As I have scrolled through Facebook (on YW Facebook Groups), I have seen so many leaders have the same idea.

What do you love about the new theme? Do you plan to teach a special lesson on the new theme? If so, what do you plan to do? Did you make your own YW theme printable? Feel free to link to it in the comments.



Click this link to download/print my Young Women Printables I have created and shared.


The link above will take you to a google drive folder. Inside the folder, you will see two options: PDF files and PNG files. Select which file you would like and then select/download the sizes you need. I shared two different file options for those of you sending these to a printer. Some printing places will only allow you to use PNG files while others can print PDF or PNG.

I hope you enjoy my Young Women Theme printables and are able to use them for your Young Women. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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