School of Service- A Primary Quarterly Activity

Well, it’s Back to School time and Primary Quarterly Activity time. A few months ago our Primary Presidency brought up what we were going to be doing for our next Quarterly Activity, I was completely blank. So, I asked if anyone had any themes/topics they would like to focus on. Our Primary President asked if we could do something on Service. So, I went to work….
I got the idea from a past Activity Day activity I did while I lived in Hawaii (I’ll have to share that idea sometime soon.). I just changed some things, so that it went along with our theme. I came up with the name:
And this is what we’re going to be doing.
The children will be attending The School of Service, where they will be learning about Serving Others, and we will be putting together School Kits.
So our classes the children will be attending are:
History Class: People from the scriptures who served others
P.E. (a ‘Perfect Example’): Jesus was a ‘Perfect Example’ of service.
Health Class: we will be making ‘Service First Aid Kits’
Art Class: we will be putting together School Kits
Then of course we’ll have Lunch! We will be giving the children brown bag lunches.
I asked the children to bring their backpacks. They will be getting neat little handouts during class, so instead of having to find everyone’s handouts/treats I thought they could keep them in their backpacks.
I am really excited for this activity, I think it’s going to be alot of fun. Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner, but maybe you can still use it or save it for next year.
Click Here to view ‘The School Of Service’ Primary Quarterly Activity Instruction Sheet
Click Here to view ‘The School of Service’ invitations that I will be using.


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  1. Love it! We just finished our “Heroes in Training” Activity which was a service “boot camp” to train our minds, might, and hearts to become the daily heroes the Lord needs us to be. We made school kits, too! Have a great activity!

  2. We just used this idea for an activity on Saturday. I super appreciate people who are creative sharing their ideas!! It was a great activity and went right along with the month of sharing times on service. Thanks!!

  3. We just used this idea for an activity this past Saturday that went really well with this month’s sharing times about service and it was great. I really appreciate creative people sharing their ideas!! Thanks!!