{Singing Time} Popsicle Pictionary

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Last week I was asked to sub for Singing Time. The Singing Time leader had planned on doing a Pictionary type game that sounded fun, but as I thought about it I decided to add a little summer fun to the game. I finally settled on Popsicles…and ‘Popsicle Pictionary’ was born!

Singing Time Game

Today I am sharing my fun Popsicle Pictionary printables with you, so that you can use them  for a fun Singing Time game in your Primary. There are different ways you could play this, but here is how we played it.


First, I got to work creating some cute Popsicle printables. I decided to create some large popsicles, and some smaller popsicles (see download link at end of this post). I then cut each popsicle out, and hot glued a popsicle stick to the back of each. For the large popsicles I used the jumbo popsicle sticks, and for the small ones I just used regular popsicle sticks. After my popsicles were completed, I got to work picking out words that the children would be drawing. I was able to pick 5 words per song that we were reviewing (list included in my download below). Now that I had everything done, it was time to start thinking of HOW we were going to play!


Popsicle Pictionary

When I first started thinking of this game I was planning on writing different words on the backs of each popsicle, but then I decided that wouldn’t work because I was wanting the children to guess which song they would sing according to the word(s) they drew/guessed. You could still have the children guess the song after each word is guessed, and then sing the songs several times, that would give them lots of practice. 🙂

I finally decided to have the names of the songs written on the backs of the small popsicles, and different ways to sing on the large popsicles. I found some fun new ways to sing the songs, HERE, at Kami’s Primary Music Ideas. One of the favorites was ‘Monkey Style’. I also added a new one, ‘Tabernacle Choir Style’. This could replace ‘opera style’ or have them stand up and sing their very best. I went as far as demonstrating how the Tabernacle Choir does NOT act like. haha Another funny one was the ‘No Blinking’…that one was pretty funny for me. 🙂

LDS Summer Singing Time Idea

For my small popsicle sticks I got a box and cut the top off. Then I wrapped it with some cute wrapping paper. I added some styrofoam inside, and glued some of this pink paper crinkle on top of the styrofoam. Once the glue was dry, I stuck the popsicles into the styrofoam. I finished it off by adding a ‘Popsicle Pictionary’ sign to the front of my box.

I thought it would be so fun to go all out and dress up like a popsicle man/woman (like you’re selling popsicles). But I didn’t plan on this, so I didn’t have time to pull it off.

Now for the large popsicles! I had these posted on a small whiteboard, but you could have them on a chalkboard or bulletin board.



At the front of the room I had my small popsicle box on the table right beside the large popsicles posted on the board. On the other side of the room I had 2 chairs with 2 small whiteboards and dry-erase markers. Here are some whiteboards, from Amazon, that are similar to what I used, but you could also find some at Wal-Mart or any office supply store.

I explained to the children that on the back of each ‘small’ popsicle was a name of a song. For each song there were 4-5 words that they would be drawing or acting out. Since I only had 2 small whiteboards for the children to use, we decided to have 2 people drawing and 2 people acting. This worked out really well with Jr. Primary, the young ones acted while the older Jr. Primary children drew. And for Sr. Primary there were some children that preferred acting rather than drawing.


To begin, I picked a child to come to the front and choose a popsicle. I would then let that child choose whether they wanted to draw or act. I then chose 3 other names (we also included the teachers) and invited them up to the front. Each person had their very own word to draw or act out. Sometimes I had the ‘charade’ people act out a word together, depending on the words that were on the list. While the children were drawing their words the children would ‘act’ out their word. After the other children guessed the words that were being acted out, I invited the drawing children to show their pictures (one at a time), and have the other children guess.

Once all the words were guessed, I shared the words again and asked if anyone knew what song the words belonged to. If no one knew, I asked the pianist to play a little bit of the song. Whoever guessed the song then got to come up and pick a LARGE popsicle. 🙂

At the end of primary I passed out ‘thawed’ Otter-Pops. 🙂 I found some generic type otter-pop popsicles for $1.99 for a pack of 24 at our local grocery store. YAY! The kids LOVED it!


I think Singing Time was a success, and everyone was singing. That’s a success in my book. If you’d like to have your own ‘Popsicle Pictionary’ Singing Time click the link below! I have included my large popsicle printables, my small popsicle printables, and my song/clue word list.


Click HERE to print my Popsicle Pictionary printables!


I hope you enjoy my summer-ish Singing Time game, and are able to use it in your Primary. I would love to hear if you do, and how YOU decide to play it. So leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day.



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LDS Summer Singing Time Idea. This fun pictionary summer themed Singing Time game idea will be a hit. Printables and instructions on Little LDS Ideas!

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  1. Tara

    This will be fun for winter time too! I plan on using clip art print offs of cups of hot chocolate instead of popsicles, and then at the end of primary, I will hand out a mini candy cane taped to a package of hot cocoa. 🙂 I LOVE your creativity and your willingness to share. You are an inspiration and make our lives so much easier and bless the kids’ lives too. Thank you!!

  2. Tara

    This will be fun for winter time too! I plan on using clip art print offs of mugs of hot chocolate instead of popsicles, and then at the end of primary, I will hand out a mini candy cane taped to a package of hot cocoa. 🙂 I LOVE your creativity and your willingness to share. You are an inspiration and make our lives so much easier and bless the kids’ lives too. Thank you!!

    1. What a great idea, Tara! I love the hot cocoa mugs and I’m sure the children will too. Thank you for the sweet comment. ?

  3. Chrissy Olsen

    Hi Sheena!

    You are amazing. Thanks for all you doing and sharing your time and talents so generously. ♥

  4. Elizabeth

    This looks so cute!! Would love to try it out in Singing Time! I can’t get the printable link to work.

    1. Sorry about that, Elizabeth. I just emailed you and fixed the post link. 🙂